Aion Zone

Aion Zone

Aion Zone is a private server in version 5.6 Bug-free and with an exellent connection in all Asian and world.
Our server has several languages to welcome all people in a real comfort of play
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Game version is 5.6

Server is balance support for multi language.

100% working capacity

Skills, geodata, NPCs, dungeons and everything else that may be in the game work perfectly.

Protect 7x24

Physical anti-DDoS protection on the side of the Data-center allows to maintain the performance of the server in the case of attacks from enemies.

About The Game

Aion Zone is a SEA private server aion with an international staff.
We create serve so that all players can enjoy a good quality free game in an Old-school version.
In order to allow easy access to any player we have put a selection of language in the game,
so you can play in the language that suits you best.
We chose to keep rates very close to the official in order to preserve the balance of the game.
The strength of our server is to have GM and Animators in the game and on communications platforms (Discord, forum, Ticket ).
We wish you a good game on our server!

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