Aion Zone

Aion Zone

Aion Zone 5.6 Version is a private server in Southeast Asia hosted in Singapore,
with proxy connections in Europe and the USA. The server is a highly customized for open worldwide  
PVPVE activities across Atrea, focusing on hunting enemies, world bosses, custom quests, and winning custom PVP event battles.

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Game version is 5.6

Server is balance support for multi language.

100% working capacity

Skills, geodata, NPCs, dungeons and everything else that may be in the game work perfectly.

Protect 7x24

Physical anti-DDoS protection on the side of the Data-center allows to maintain the performance of the server in the case of attacks from enemies.

About The Game

Aion Zone 5.6 Version is a private server in Southeast Asia. We are a highly customized PvP server, purely focused on PvP, with a combination of PvE activities such as hunting and raiding world bosses. These activities have been specially created by our developers.

The server is set up with higher rates, and characters are instantly leveled to 75. We provide a free starter pack of PvP equipment, so leveling is not required. All you need to do is set up your character and get ready to PvP.

One of the main activities on our server is farming equipment to become stronger and tougher, allowing you to enjoy and fight back in open worldwide PvP battles. Instead of traditional instances, we have replaced them with custom PvPve activities and events, providing a more exciting and unique experience different to the official Aion version.

All equipment can be purchased using Glory Points, Abyss Points, and tokens that can be obtained by hunting custom world bosses and completing custom daily, weekly, and monthly quests.

We also provide equipment through donations for those who don't have time for farming and grinding in PvE. These donations help support the long-term operation of the server. Our team ensures that the game is fair and equal for everyone to enjoy. We maintain a community that is free from toxic and negative behavior, encouraging our players to create an enjoyable atmosphere for others. It is a place where everyone can enjoy their pastime.

we launch new custom content every month, which includes custom PvP maps. In addition, we offer a wide range of mini-games, costumes from higher versions, custom motions, custom equipment, mounts, and much more.

Server Launch Date: September 13, 2021.

Welcome to our server and happy gaming!

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