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ID: 115002202
Dragon Lord's Agony
icon Item
Can be used above level 65
Soul Binding Available
Dyeing Available
Unstorable in Account Warehouse
Unstorable in Legion Warehouse
Not extractable.

Damage Reduction

Maximum HP
Healing Boost
Physical Def
Magical Acc
Enmity Boost
Godstone Suppression
PvP Magical Defense
PvP Physical Defense

Enchantment Level 0/15
Manastone socketing (for manastones of level 80 or lower)
mana stone mana stone mana stone mana stone mana stone mana stone
Buy price: 10 kinah
Sell price: 2 kinah
Items required to trade:
- Special Courier Pass (Mythic/Lv. 61-65)
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Quantity: 1x
Enchantment: 15

4,000 Credits
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  • We do not replace items purchased by mistake.